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Mexico: 9 Puerto Rico: 0, current boxing world champions...

Here is a list of total (although this list is from 2010):

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Q: Who has the most boxing champions Puerto Rico or Mexico?
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What country has the most world boxing champions?

Mexico; 107United States: 416 world champions

How many events will Puerto Rico be participating in the Beijing Olympics?

Puerto Rico has qualified athletes in boxing and women's weightlifting for the 2008 Games.

What country has the most boxing champs per capita?

Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico east of Mexico?


Where did chupacabras originate?

in Mexico

Is the soccer team Mexico the rival of the soccer team Puerto Rico?

no because Puerto Rico doesn't have an international team and Mexico is rivals with the US

Is Puerto Rico Mexico part of the US?

Puerto Rico is not in Mexico. It is a US Territory in the Caribbean where it is a part of the Greater Antilles.

Did Puerto Rico win gold this Olympics for boxing?

Team Gb for women

What is the difference between a Mexican and a purtorican?

Mexicans are people from Mexico and Puerto Ricans are people from Puerto Rico. They have different cultural backgrounds, languages, and histories. Mexico is located in North America, while Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States in the Caribbean.

What boxing metals has Puerto Rico won in the 2008 Olympics?

Puerto Rico did not win any boxing medals at the 2008 Games. Flyweight Arroyo McWilliams advanced the furthest, making it to the quarterfinals before losing to a Cuban opponent.

When did the Puerto Rico Baseball League open?

The Puerto Rico Baseball League was founded in 1938. The 1938- 1939 Champions were the Los Brujos de Guayama team.

Has Puerto Rico won any Olympic medals?

Yes, Puerto Rico has won 6 medals, including one silver. All of the medals were won in boxing.