Who fights with fire?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Who fights with fire?
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What were fire fights during the Vietnam war?

fights with fire isn't it obvious

What do you call a person who gives you fights fires?

A person who fights fire is called a fire fighter.

What has the author M Rickards written?

M. Rickards has written: 'The world fights fire' 'The world fights crime' 'Posters at the turn of the century'

What Fire department fights the most fire?

mostly major cities for example: chicago, new york, los angeles, etc.

What is the rising action in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire?

harry fights in the arena with a dragon

Is korras main element fire?

No, Korra's main element is water. She is the Avatar, capable of bending all four elements - water, earth, fire, and air.

Do Aries and Geminis get along?

Yes but geminis do tend to be a little bossy and get into fights with aries.

What are combat fights?

Combat fights are fights where weapons are employed.

What are some threats that can pose an issue on a night club?

Fire, fights, drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning, sexual assaults & indecent behaviour, drunks

Does Benjamin Netanyahu hate Palestinians because they killed his older brother?

He fights only against those who fire rockets at Israeli civilians. He does not hate Palestinians.

What age was azula when Aang fights the fire lord?

Azula is likely in her early twenties.

Does Harry Potter fight?

throughout the series harry is involved in many fights in book 1 he plans to fight Draco malfoy, in book 2 he does fight Draco, in book 3 harry fights his werewolf teacher, in book 4 he fights a dragon, in book 5 he fights lord voldemort and some death eaters, in book 6 he fights creepy monsters in a lake, in book 7 he fights and ills voldemort.