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Stephen Neal and Wes Hand

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He didn't play College Football.

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Q: Who did Brock Lesnar lose to in college wrestling?
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Who did brock lesnar lose the WWE championship to?

Triple H in a triple threat match at WWE Armageddon 2003 also involving Kane.

How do you lose a fake wrestling match. How do you act like you lose a wrestling match?

It's all a script. They read it and act it out.

Will undertaker lose to brock lesner at wrestlemania 30?

Undertaker is likely to emerge victorious when he faces Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania 30.

Did undertaker lose the title?

Undertaker has lost five Hell in a Cell matches, including the first Hell in a Cell Match. He has lost to Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Batista and Kane in different Hell in a Cell matches.

What do you have to do if you lose to brock in the gym on Pokemon?

Train and fight him again until you beat him

What sport makes you lose weight?

wrestling or swimming

How many times did brock lenser lose a ufc fights?

Twice,so far.

Does wrestling help lose weight?

not nessarily. Its the conditioning that gets you in shape.

Jack evans wrestling society x theme song?

lose yourself by eminem

On Pokemon ashgray hack game if you lose to brock 1st time how do you challenge brock again because i had trained my Pokemon he told me you arent strong enough?

you have to go to the little river thing in the town and talk to the guy next to the generator and he gives you a lightball for your pikachu and then you just challenge brock again and beat him.

Is wrestling a good way to lose weight?

No you can be seriously hurt and it isn't much of a physical activity.

Is Tully Blanchard the current Carolina heavyweight wrestling champion?

No Rey Mysterio is and is about to lose it to Mark Henry