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dont know the answer

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Q: Who are the parents of WWE diva Beth pheieox?
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Is WWE diva Beth Phoenix dating another diva?

No, Beth Phoenix is not dating another diva.

Which WWe Diva is single?

Beth Phoenix

Who is the best diva in the WWE?

Beth Phoenix.

When will Beth phoenix return to the WWE?

She is already with the WWE. She is the diva's champion

What WWE diva is the hardest to beat?

Beth Phoenix

Who is the strongest diva in the WWE today?

Beth Phoenix...................

How old is WWE diva Beth pheonix?

She Is 29

Where does WWE diva Beth phoenix live?

What wwe kelly kelly phone number

Who got WWE diva belt?

right now is Beth phoenix

Will WWE diva Beth phoenix challenge alexa bliss for the WWE Raw Women's championship?

no she's retired

How old is WWE diva Beth phoenix?

30 in Nov. 2010-2011 and so on. Updated on Wikipedia.

Is WWE diva Beth phoenix married?

She was never married. She has made this clear through Twitter (@TheBethPhoenix).