Who Gina Bouza?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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She was a young wrestler who beat all her opponents, so her manager started putting her in the ring with animals. She was set to wrestle a baboon and it snapped her neck, killing her within a very short time of her going into the ring.

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Q: Who Gina Bouza?
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I understand a lady named Gina Bouza or Bouzha ( probably Italian) was killed by a Baboon at a carnival act. This is really disturbing and I am certain both the ASPCA and maybe Mr. Link"s boys were called in. I am referring to fictional Director of detective agency- the Agency to Prevent Evil- or A.P.E. Mr. Link"s boys don"t Monkey around. This is sickening. Probably a very attractive Italian girl as the name implies. They used to say, Never follow the Monkey act- hey, it could cost you your life!

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