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The Indian art is called Pentjak Silat. Bohde Dharma ~ Buddha ~ w an Indian Prince who brought the art to china around 525 BC i. The place he taught was called shao lin. And btw, kung fu is not the chinese martial art's name. the chinese art is called Gung fu. kung fu means, "do excel at something

Also, the kama Sutra, The Indian Book of love, was a way of hiding Martial Arts knowledge. If you've ever looked through the kama sutra, you can see many stances, such as kiba dachi [horse stance]

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Q: Which martial art is practiced mainly in India?
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What is the oldest martial art?

It is believed that the oldest martial art in the world is 'kalari payatu'. It is practiced in Kerala state of India, from there legend says that the Buddhaharma took it to China and it became kung fu. It went from China to Okinawa and became karate. Recently the Discovery Channel & National Geographic reported kalari payatu as the oldest martial art in the world.

Is ninjitsu a type of martial arts or something?

It is a martial art practiced by ninjas. Very few schools still exist.

Did ninjas train teakwondo?

No. The ninja (or Shinobi, as they were traditionally called) practiced the martial art of Ninjutsu.

Is there a form of martial art practiced solely on the floor?

No martial art is practiced only on the floor. All of them at least start out in a standing position. Brazilian JuJutsu concentrates on ground aspect, but also spends time working on how to get someone on the ground.

Is ikebana a Japanese martial art?

No, ikebana is the art of arranging flowers. It was often practiced by the Samurai, as it was believed that a warrior needed to be skilled in the other arts, as well as the art of war.

Is ninjutsu and kungfu the same?

No, they are two very different martial arts. Ninjutsu is a Japanese art that focused on spying and assassination. Kung Fu is a martial art from China, often practiced by monks as part of their daily routine.

How do you mark out a basketball backboard?

look up martial art of India the answer is the answer to everything!

Is jujitsu a sport played in Canada?

Jujitsu is not a sport. It is a martial art that is practiced in many countries of the world including Canada.

What is the main martial art in Taiwan?

Many arts are practiced in Taiwan, but the various styles of Kung Fu will be the most prevailant.

Which martial art is most practiced in Cuba?

Judo Takewondo Shotokan Judo Takewondo Shotokan Judo Takewondo Shotokan

Is a popular action hero and martial art expert of India?

Bhrama in the Mahabarata? an reincarnation of vishnu