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railways, post and telegraph,door darshan, prasar bharathi

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Q: Which are the examples of departmental undertakings?
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Names of departmental undertakings in India?

Indian Railways, Postal Department, et al.

Examples of departmental stores in India?

1. super bazaar 2. selfridges

What is the verb form of undertakings?

The verb of undertakings is undertake. As in "to undertake something".

In a departmental organization what is a gangplank?

In a departmental organization what is a gangplank?

Who is the current chairman of Committee on Public Undertakings?

Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra is the current chairman of Committee on Public Undertakings.

What do you mean by departmental explain departmental briefly?

A department is a subdivision of an organisation - for instance the Geology department is the subdivision that studies/teaches Geology in a University. Therefore 'departmental' means belonging to a department - as in the departmental staff.

What are the features of departmental undertaking?

Departmental undertaking a business organisation hane several departments

What will be Code for creating departmental store management system using JSP?

what is departmental store?

Where can contact solution be purchased from?

Contact solution can be purchased at most departmental stores and pharmacies. Some examples of these stores would be Walgreens, Target and CVS pharmacy.

What is the synonym for bold undertakings?

brave deeds

What is the nature and purpose of departmental account?

access the objectives of departmental accounts within the context of corporate management

What are the release dates for A Departmental Case - 1917?

A Departmental Case - 1917 was released on: USA: July 1917