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The only association I can think of is Triple H because his theme song, The Game, is performed by Motorhead, who also perform Ace of Spades.

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Q: Which Wrestlers associated with Ace Of Spades?
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What is the street gang associated with the ace of spades?

The Aces

What band plays Ace of Spades?

Motorhead plays "Ace of Spades"

What is the duration of The Ace of Spades?

The duration of The Ace of Spades is 1.1 hours.

When was The Ace of Spades created?

The Ace of Spades was created in 1935-02.

Number of spades on a ace of spades?

There are three spades on the standard ace of spades. One in each corner and a large one in the middle.

What is ace of spray?

There is no ace of spray. However, there is an ace of spades. Spades is one of the black suits in a deck of playing cards.

Does the ace of hearts beat the ace of spades in Texas?

No. The ace of spades is the highest ranked card in Texas hold 'em.

When was Ace of Spades - song - created?

Ace of Spades - song - was created on 15-08-04.

When was Ace of Spades - album - created?

Ace of Spades - album - was created on 15-08-04.

How many spades on a ace of spades card?


What are the ratings and certificates for The Ace of Spades - 1935?

The Ace of Spades - 1935 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What are the release dates for Ace of Spades - 1931?

Ace of Spades - 1931 was released on: USA: 17 January 1931