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I think that'll be it, he is getting quite old now and has been in the WWE for about 20 years. I think what happened at WM27 was to show that the Undertaker had died defending the streak, but, he may come back to Miami to make it 20-0 and then leave making him undefeated for 2 decades.

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Probably for the wrestlemania in 2012

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Q: Where is the undertaker after wm 27?
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Did hhh beat undertaker at wrastlemania?

NO in WM 17 and 27

Will the undertaker come back in WWE 2011 after WM 27?

Yes he will

When will triple return to WWE in 2011?

he will return two weeks before wrestlemania 27 to call out undertaker for a match WM 27

Did Shawn michaels quit wrestling?

Yes but by a career vs. streak match at WM 27 against The Undertaker

Will the miz be WWE champion?

It matters. If the miz cashes in the money in the bank in the elimination chamber, he COULD win. He may get ripped off at wrestlemania 27. then he will join WM 27 MITB match and win again. Undertaker will win the undisputed world champinship at WM 27. At RAW, undertaker will retire and the miz will cash it in. So it matters what road the wwe wants him to go down.

Did the undertaker and diesel have a match in 1994?

yes they had a WM Match Which Undertaker won !!

Was undertaker really dead?

No he is not. He is taking some rest after wm 27. But he will returns at wwe vengence 23 october 2011 officialy announced by wwe

Is The Undertaker better fighter than Sting?

Of Course Undertaker Beat The best a WM I Would'nt be suprised if Undertaker beat sting

Will undertaker return at WM 28?

He's already returned.

Did undertaker win vs Shawn?

As far as Wrestlemania goes, yes. At both WM 25 and WM 26

When will undertaker return from WrestleMania 25?

he never left after wm 25

Is undertaker go return in 2010?

he will return this coming up wm 2010