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Q: Where is the closest kendo school to wilmington?
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What is the closest beach to Wilmington DE?

what is the closest beach to wilmington, delaware

When was Wilmington Friends School created?

Wilmington Friends School was created in 1748.

When was Wilmington Christian School created?

Wilmington Christian School was created in 1946.

When was Wilmington Montessori School created?

Wilmington Montessori School was created in 1963.

When was Charter School of Wilmington created?

Charter School of Wilmington was created in 1996.

Which cities in North Carolina are closest to ocean?

Wilmington and Elizabeth City are closest to the ocean

What is Charter School of Wilmington's motto?

The motto of Charter School of Wilmington is 'Expect the Best!'.

When was Wilmington Grammar School for Girls created?

Wilmington Grammar School for Girls was created in 1957.

What is the motto of Wilmington Christian School?

Wilmington Christian School's motto is 'that yields its fruit in season...'.

What is the motto of Wilmington Grammar School for Girls?

Wilmington Grammar School for Girls's motto is 'The Pursuit of Excellence'.

What is the city closest major league baseball team to wilmington nc?

The closest is Washington DC (Washington Nationals) which is approximately 373 miles driving distance from Wilmington ... next comes Atlanta (Atlanta Braves) which is approximately 415 miles driving distance from Wilmington.

What is the motto of Wilmington Grammar School for Boys?

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys's motto is 'Not only for ourselves but for the community'.