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first fight: Madison Square Garden, New York, 8 mar 1971

second fight: 28 Jan 1974, same venue

third fight: araneta coliseum, quezon city, metro manila, Philippines.. 1st oct 1975

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Q: Where did Ali and Frazier's fights take place?
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What was Ali's weight and joe Fraziers weight in the third fight?

Ali 224 and a half Frazier 215 and a half

What are the release dates for Ali's Greatest Fights - 1967?

Ali's Greatest Fights - 1967 was released on: USA: March 1967

Does any of joe fraziers children box?

Marvis fought Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson, and daughter Jacqui fought Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila.

Who was muhammed Ali worse nightmare?

Kenny Norton gave ali trouble in their three fights. Frazier gave him trouble in two of their three fights (Ali won their second fight easily).

What are the release dates for Ali's Greatest Fights - 1967 Muhammad Ali vs. Zora Folley - 1.5?

Ali's Greatest Fights - 1967 Muhammad Ali vs. Zora Folley - 1.5 was released on: USA: March 1967

How many fights have layla ali fought?

24 fights, 24 wins, 21 by ko.

What are Muhammad Ali's most famous fights?

Sonny liston (both fights) Joe Frazier (first and third fights) Leon Spinks (both fights) George Foreman

How many armature fights did Muhammad Ali fight in?


Can you copy Muhammad ali fights for sale?

You can, but it's illegal.

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How many fight did Muhammad ali have?

Ali's boxing record is:Total fights : 61Wins: 56Wins by KO: 37Losses :5Draws : 0

Was Muhammad Ali in Belgium?

No recorded fights in Belgium . However , Ali did have a fight with Jean Pierre Coopman from Belgium , in Puerto Rico in 1976 . Ali also had fights in Canada , Sweden ,Switzerland , England , Germany , Indonesia, Kinshasa DROTC , Phillippines , Malaysia , Japan , Bahama's . Hope this helps