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Black Belt ranks are usually divided into "Dan" (Degrees), from 1st Dan through 9th Dan, and are indicated by a narrow stripe sewn across one end of the belt. These stripes were originally created by using white tape, but are more commonly sewn professionally with either gold, red, or white thread.

Since it takes anywhere from one year to three years between degrees in the first four levels, many Masters will require Black Belt students to perform interim tests every two to six months, at their discretion, and these incremental checkpoints are called tip tests.

The degree stripe of rank is usually displayed on the wearer's right-hand side of the belt as it hangs down. The "tip stripes" are usually a narrow piece of white tape (about 1/2" wide) added to the opposite end (wearer's left-hand side) of the belt. The first tip stripe is usually placed about two inches from the end of the belt, and spaced about a quarter of an inch apart, in a similar fashion to the rank stripes.

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Q: Where are black tips located on the tae kwon do belts?
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