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Q: Where are all the sumo slammer card in washingtonDC?
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Where is the sumo slammer card in San Francisco of ben10 protecter of earth?

You have to use Cannonbolt to find all three Sumo Slammer Cards in San Francisco in Ben 10: Protector of Earth, or follow the floating Omnitrix points that will give you a Sumo Slamer Card.

Where is the sumo card in crater lake ben10 ps2?

well i don't know which sumo slammer card so ill tell you all of them 1.when you go up the stairs of leafs get the yellow things on the top move the box on the platform go up the ramp get the yellow things then get the sumo card 2.on the second stairs of leafs on the last left jump and get the sumo card 3.when you get to the sinking platforms go to the far end iin the back and get the sumo card on the platform in the back for more information on finding sumo slammer cards on this game please go to

Where are all the sumo slammer cards on ben 10 protector of the earth for wii?

I've played that game before at my cousins' house and even beaten it, but I strangely don't know the answer to that question.

What is the distance between WashingtonDC and StLouisMissouri?

About 835 miles by car... though it all depends upon your route.

Is there a sumo wrestling place in san Diego?

No, best place for all California Smo enthusiast is a group called USA Sumo.

Can a large sumo wrestler be physically fit?

No, they are not all fat. The large bulk, or fat, type of sumo is an Anko type wrestler. It is an advantage in being difficult to move the wrestler.

How many seats are there on the slammer at thorpe park?

There are a total of 64 seats on Slammer at Thorpe Park, and for all S&S Skyswats for that matter. This is made up of 2 paddles containing 4 rows of 8 seats.

What is a healthy diet for a sumo wrestler?

All things that have fat in them

What is heavier a 300pound gorilla or a sumo wrestler?

Sumo wrestlers come in all sizes and shapes. Their weight varies from 94.5 kg up to 254 kg.

How can you learn all the official techniques of Sumo?

The techniques are called Kimarite. You can find a full listing with descriptions of the moves at the Grand Sumo site linked below.

What professional sumo wrestlers live in japan?

Pretty much all of them live in Japan. Sumo wrestling has not taken off to any great degree in any other country. The only place to make a good living as a sumo is in Japan.

Do the Sumo N64 controllers work on all the N64 games?