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Q: When was the Ethiopian boxing federation established?
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When was Croatian Boxing Federation created?

Croatian Boxing Federation was created in 1921.

What year was the IBF founded?

The International Boxing Federation or IBF started out as the United States Boxing Association in 1977. In 1984 the name was changed to International Boxing Federation/United States Boxing Federation (IBF/USBA). Its headquarters is located in Springfield, New Jersey.

When was the boxing rules established?

At the beginning of Boxing's history.

Who established the ethiopian dynasty in egypt?

lalibela I believe

American Federation of Labor was established when?

in 1881.

Where can you find the International Boxing Federation super bantamweight rankings? and type in IBF, then follow the links.

What is the meaning of the acronym IBF?

IBF is most commonly the acronym of the International boxing federation. Alternatively it could be Intranet Benchmarking Forum or International Banking Facility or International Badminton Federation.

Who is the CURRENT international boxing federation heavy weight champion?

Chris Archiballs. Great fighter from the mean streets.

When did women start to do boxing?

Women's boxing was first established in 1904. Although, for most of the twentieth century it was banned in most nations.

When was the Australian Commonwealth established?

The Commonwealth of Australia was established on the 1st of January, 1901, at Federation.

When was federal system of government established in Australia?

The Federal system of government was established in Australia at Federation, which occurred on 1 January 1901.

What year was the fair trade foundation established?

it was established in 1992 by a number of British Charity's