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I am looking for the same information. We have an old Alex Taylor Fencing sword, marked "made in France" and the number 51. It has a wooden handle. I am trying to find more about it to share with our grandkids.

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Q: When was the Alex Taylor fencing sword made?
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What is the bell guard of a fencing sword made of?

Bell guards are made of different metals, typically steel, or aluminum.

What are fencing swords made of?

Usually the blade is made of some kind of bendy metal, so when you lunge or stab your enemy it is clearly visible. The inside of the blade and some of the handle has wire inside to electronically sense the details of the hit (who hit first, where did you hit, etc.) And also, a Fencing weapon is not tecnically a sword.

How much does fencing weigh?

The weight of fencing varies. It depends on how much there is of the fencing and what material it is made out of.

Who made fencing a sport?


Where did fencing oringate?

It originated in ancient Egypt. There are pictures they made of themselves fencing with masks and swords.

What is the name of a Japanese form of fencing?

Japanese technique of swordsmanship is called Kenjutsu, which literally means "fencing" ("ken" stands for sword and "jutsu" is technique or art). Modernly "Japanese Fencing" is a term used to describe Kendo, a modern form of fencing focused on philosophical and sportive aspects of swordsmanship.Kendo utilizes armor and blunt swords, counting points for attacks properly made in the allowed targets in similar fashion to European modern fencing. The basic difference between Kendo and Fencing, besides the different origins, is that the kendoka(as is called one who practises Kendo) is supposed to practice Kendo more as a philosophical martial art than as a sport.

What is the definition of fencing tools?

Fencing Tools- devices for fence construction and layout of animal houses

What are fencing rapiers made of?

Fencing blades are made of corrugated steel, intended to be light and strong at the same time, with flexibility also being a major factor.

When did fencing start?

Carvings have been found in Egypt of fencing matches that scholars say date back to 1200 BC. Click on the 'History of Fencing' link on this page to read more about the origins of the sport. More modern fencing came about around the high middle ages and renaissance when steel allowed swords to become lighter and thinner and the rapier was more heavily introduced. Epee and Foil came out of the dueling culture that followed. Fencing was not codified internationally until the 1900's. The Sabre is the most recent weapon and is a derivation of the cavalry sword (hence the upper body target area).

Where did Alex Rider find Scorpia?

in Venice,Italy. he found it by following a boat with a scorpion imprint on the side. he got in the organization by going with nile out of the company that partially made invisible sword.

What is the goddess sword made of in legend of Zelda skyward sword?

Same materials as the master sword..... and we don't know what thats made of.

What if you made a sword?

I don't know i guess you'd have a sword.