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Q: When did mahammad ali lose his first fight?
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What year was mahammad ali born?


Is Mahammad Ali still alive?


Did mahammad Ali have any sisters?

yes he did

Who is the key figure of Sikhism?

Mahammad Ali.

Did mahammad ali beat rock balboa?


What was mahammad ali moms name?

odessa grady clay

What disorder did Mahammad Ali develop?

dyslexia, and subsequently parkinsons.

In what year was mahammad ali the olympic champion?

Rome in 1960.

What was mahammad ali dad name?

His father was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr.

Who is more famous Shrek or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali of course ,because Shrek has gone out of style and Mahammad Ali has billions of fans worldwide.

How many matches mahammad ali win in his career?

56 Wins, 5 Loss, 37 KOs! yeah go Ali!

When did mahammad Ali get married?

Boxer Muhammad Ali has been married four times. His first wedding date was August 14, 1964 and his most recent wedding took place on November 19, 1986.