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I guess Batista and Kelly dated from the middle of August to October.

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I doubt it as they have never gone out.

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Q: When did batista and kelly kelly date?
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Is batista and Melina in engaged?

no! they only used to date,batista is currently dating kelly kelly Feb 2009 Batista is currently single he is not dating Kelly Kelly they dated for a month, she was to young for him!

Did Batista and Kelly Kelly date?

In an interview he said he dated her briefly, but that she was too immature.

Has Dave Batista ever date a diva?

Yes. He has dated Melina and Kelly Kelly.

Did Candice Michelle ever date Batista?

Yap, Batista banged Candice Michelle hardcore. He has also dated Melina, Kelly Kelly and Christy Hemme.

Do kelly kelly love batista?

no he doesnt

Did Melina and batista really do it on smackdown?

actually Batista had a wife but they broke up and Batista once dated Melina for a short term relationship and he also dated Kelly Kelly

Are kelly kelly and betista dating?

Kelly Kelly and Batista Dated before but they aren't dating no more.Go to and search about it there should be a video about them at the time when the were dating.

Who is WWE superstar Kelly kelly dating right now?

Kelly is dating a hockey player, the only wrestler she dated was Batista for a month.

Did batista date christy hemme?


Is Batista dating kelly kelly?

yes once he was there is a utube film about it i don't think Dave is dating her anymore

Why did batista and kelly kelly part?

They never really dated, they went out to dinner a couple of times and that is it. She is too young for him

Does Dave batista date black women?

Dave batista kiss Michelle mccool