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The Undertaker debuted the Ministy of Darkness in 1999, at the Royal Rumble pay per view. 1999

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Because it was time for a new storyline

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Q: When Did Undertaker start the Ministry of Darkness?
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Which Undertaker persona is the most popular among fans?

ministry ministry The Ministry of Darkness.

Will the undertaker come back with the ministry of darkness?

No. The Undertaker will retire in the next 2 years

What accomplishment did Randy Orton get?

Randy orton vs resurrected ministry of darkness the undertaker on may 4 2012

Ministry of darkness members?

Undertaker Bradshaw Faarooq Mideon Viscera Gangrel Edge Christian Paul Bearer

Will the ministry of darkness return?

The answer is Mostly NO. The ministry of darkness was a very successful team of wrestlers under the leadership of the undertaker but currently the past members of the ministry like viscera are no longer with the WWE. Also, the undertaker has been a loner over the past few years and hence the chances of reuniting the team and forming the ministry of darkness seems pretty improbable

Is The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness going to reunite?

I really wanted to see all of Undertaker's men come back and reunite as the ministry of darkness. I highly doubt it though. First of all, Undertaker is face and i dont know how they will make the ministry a ''good guys'' team. Second, a lot of his men either are fired or have completely new gimmicks. It will be hard and will take a while to make the ministry out of new superstars. The only remaining ministry members are Edge & Christian,possibly Big Daddy V and the A.P.A. It would really be nice though to see the ministry get together one last time. I wish it would happen but it ain't going to!

Who was the undertaker reffe ring to when he spoke of the higher power?

He was referring to Vince McMahon. This was an angle leading up to a merger between his faction called the "Ministry of Darkness" and Vince's "Corporation" to form the "Corporate Ministry."

What is the undertaker's ministry song called?

its called ministry

How does an undertaker embalm someone?

yes they must return once for all that's wwe fans whant and that's I whant bring back the real ministry of darkness and the real deadman the undertaker 1999 to 2012 and 2013 and more.

Will the undertaker return with the ministry?

I highly doubt that he will return with the ministry although those were the best times of the undertaker apart from the American badass the undertaker is retiring soon and i think he will retire as he is now the deadman by himself. REST_IN_PEACE :)

How do you unlock ministry undertaker?

You need fan axxes

How do you unlocked ministry of darkness?

you cant