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I do believe Kristel Marshall and Christy Hemme never got there contract renewed because they got released.

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Q: What wwe wrestlers didn't get contract renewed?
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Why did bill Goldberg get fired?

He didnt Get fired,his wwe contract ran expired andwas not renewed.

What is WWE entrancw fees for wrestlers?

There are not entrance fees for the wrestlers, they don't pay to wrestle, they get paid to wrestle and they are paid by whatever their contract states.

Why was Christy Hemme released by WWE?

== == == == her contract expired and wwe didnt resign her

Why did Mad Man Mason Quit WWE?

He is off until his contract will be renewed within the years

Did wwe wrestler egene get fierd or quit?

He got released from his contract,because wwe didnt need him no more

Do amateur wrestlers get paid?

YES i work at the wwe 2$ dollarsper year john cena

What is Jeffrey Nero Hardy's fan mail address?

Check my profile he still receives email through WWE. As do lots of other wrestlers that are no longer under contract to WWE

If you are a WWE wrestler does WWE choose your personality?

In a way, your 'gimick' is decided by the WWE in some cases. However some wrestlers have contract clauses to say that they have some or all creative control over their personality. As well as this, wrestlers change it if the fans arent reacting. Wrestlers with bad gimicks tend to either change gimicks or just ebd up having to leave the company.

Do any WWE wrestlers have the virus autism?

Autism is NOT a virus, it's a neurone disorder. No, no WWE wrestlers have Autism.

Is Dave Batista's contract being renewed?

yep this is true his current deal expires in march 2006 and he has said he would like the opputunity to wrestle elswhere if he didnt sign with wwe Omh he has signed a five year contract a few monthes back. It does not expire in 2006. And there is no worries he is the most poplular star WWE has and he has to large of a fan base to not sign him again. There would be an extremely large riot.

Why do some WWE wrestlers get paid more than other WWE wrestlers?

Because they have more experienc and are a bigger draw

Will any of tna go to WWE?

Wrestlers from WWE going to TNA and vice versa is very common. WWE and TNA are rival or competing professional wrestling companys. Someone who doesn't wish to renew their contract with one company or someone whose contract one company doesn't wish to renew, may consider options with the other company. For ex: Jeff Hardy was with WWE and is now with TNA, R Truth was with TNA and is now with WWE, etc