What weapon did Zoro use?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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I believe it was a Fencing rapier.

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Q: What weapon did Zoro use?
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Who did Zoro learn to use swords from?

I don't think it really said his name, since Zoro usually just referred to him as "Sensei", which is common for Japanese teachers. However, he learned it from Kuina's dad. (She's the girl Zoro competed with at their dojo).

When was Roronoa Zoro created?

Roronoa Zoro was created in 1997.

When was Zoro - band - created?

Zoro - band - was created in 2007.

Who would win zoro vs sanji?

Zoro would win: // his bounty is higher then sanji // zoro uses swords and sanji only uses legs //zoro is more stronger then sanji Zoro is the same as luffy, luffy got bigger bounty because he want to fight the strongerz person like lucci

When was Zoro born?

Marco Zoro was born on 1983-12-27.

When was Marco Zoro born?

Marco Zoro was born on 1983-12-27.

What weapon did mogli use?

mogli use weapon is boomerang

When was Gohi Bi Zoro Cyriac born?

Gohi Bi Zoro Cyriac was born on 1990-08-05.

What character is the best to use for beating Aokiji in One Piece Unlimited Adventure?

the best person in my opinion is zoro

Did the Tang Dynasty use a flamethrower as a weapon?

Yes they did use the flamethower as a weapon.

Does zoro like sanji?

In the One Piece series, Zoro and Sanji have a complicated relationship that mostly involves playful rivalry and disagreements. There are moments where they show respect and teamwork towards each other, but their dynamic is often characterized by banter and competitive spirit rather than overt displays of affection.

How old is zoro?

Zoro is 19 before the two year time skip, same as Sanji. He is 21 after the time skip.