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Quickest Knockout ever:

Russell Rees stopped Des Sowden in just 4 seconds on Friday November 3, 2000, Leisure Centre, Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire, Wales. Sowden was knocked out by first punch just 4 seconds into the fight. The quickest recorded knockout in boxing history. (recently this has been changed to 10 seconds)

Ever Beleño stopped Guillermo Salcedo in 5 seconds on Friday 16 September 1994. The shortest KO record in the world.

Oliver Rubin stopped Peter Simko in 5 seconds on Friday, February 8, 2002, Imperial Gym, Budapest, Hungary.

José (Espinaca) Pons, knocked out Cecilio Niz, both Argentinians, in only 5 seconds, in the Luna Park Stadium of Buenos Aires, CF, Argentina, on March 26, 1952; this is the record for a South American professional fight.

Jack Roberts stopped Tony Milam in 6 seconds in Corpus Christi, TX on Wednesday, March 29, 1939.

Peter McNeeley had a 6 second TKO over Frankie Hines.

Ricky Parkey stopped Broderick Mason in 8 seconds on Tuesday 11 December 1984.

Phil Williams KO Brandon Burke in 10 seconds

Teddy Baker stopped Bob Roberts in 10 seconds.

Jeremy Williams stopped Arthur Weathers in 10 seconds on Tuesday, March 19, 1996, Spruce Goose, Long Beach, CA

Marty Lindquist stopped Max Alexander in 10 seconds, National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, PA on October 14, 2006.

* Lindquist landed a right hand with the opening bell on a unsuspecting Alexander leaving him unconscious for several minutes

* official time of stoppage was 10 seconds

* on November 1st 2006 the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission ruled the fight a No Contest because Lindquist failed the pre fight drug test.

The quickest knockout in recorded history, including the full 10 count from the ref, was a welterweight fight from 1946, when Al Couture knocked out Ralph Walton in 10.5 seconds.

Jack Dempsey KO Tony Drake in 11 seconds

George Warner KO Mike Russo in 11 seconds

Sid Hitchins KO Trino Perez in 11 seconds

Shannon Briggs KO Luciano Zolyone in 11 seconds

Rudy Zymeck stopped Alec Luke in 11 seconds on October 9, 1939 in Newark, N.J.

Joe Jakes stopped Al Foreman in 11 seconds on January 14, 1942 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

George Wyoming Warner stopped Mike Russo in 11 seconds on August 15, 1927 in Shibe Park, Philadelphia, PA

Battling Nelson KO William Rossler in 12 seconds

Nicky Piper KO John Ellis in 12 seconds

Billy Weeks KO Romeo Hagen in 12 seconds

Freddie Pendleton KO Kevin Sedam in 12 seconds

Angel Torres KO Gabriel Krizan in 12 seconds

Henry Crawford KO Adam Wynant in 12 seconds

Jerry Coursol stopped Larry Baker in 12 seconds on June 21, 1944 in Elizabeth, N.J.

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Since the category is Boxing and not cagefighting, the correct answer would be Dwight Muhammad Qawi (formerly Dwight Braxton) at 5'6... an excellent pressure fighter with good head movement, he was known as "The Camden Buzzsaw"

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Daniel Jimenez defended his WBO Super Bantamweight title against Daniel Jimenez in just 17 seconds.

Note-this question is often incorrectly answered Gerald McClellan's 20 second title defence against Jay Bell.

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Tommy Burns 5ft 7 inches

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4 seconds

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Q: What was the shortest boxing match ever?
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