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the brown bomber

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Brown Bomber

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Q: What was the boxer joe louis's nickname?
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who was joe frazier?

joe frazier was an American professional boxer his nickname is smokin' joe bro don't know about him

What does joe Louis fist mean?

Black Power! (Joe Louis was a famous boxer with the nickname The Brown Bomber)

When was Eddy Louiss born?

Eddy Louiss was born on May 2, 1941, in Paris, France.

When did Joe Knight - boxer - die?

Joe Knight - boxer - died in 1976.

When was Joe Knight - boxer - born?

Joe Knight - boxer - was born in 1909.

When was Joe Lydon - boxer - born?

Joe Lydon - boxer - was born in 1878.

When did Joe Lydon - boxer - die?

Joe Lydon - boxer - died in 1937.

When was Joe Greene - boxer - born?

Joe Greene - boxer - was born on 1986-02-15.

When did Joe Brown - boxer - die?

Joe Brown - boxer - died on 1997-12-04.

When was Joe Brown - boxer - born?

Joe Brown - boxer - was born on 1926-05-18.

What was Trevor Berbick's nickname as a boxer?

I don't think Berbick HAD a nickname.

Where would you find Joe Boxer Perfume?

you would find joe boxer perfume at k-mart