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Q: What three fighters beat Joe Louis?
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Why is Joe Louis special?

Joe Lois was famous as the Black Bomber, he was known to knock out and win over big fighters .

In 1938 Who did joe Louis beat for the heavy weight belt?

James J Braddock is the man Louis beat for the title in June 1937

Did joe Louis beat marciano?

No Joe Louis did not beat Rocky Marciano, as Marciano was the first boxer to retire undefeated in the heavy weight class.

Who were the fighters that beat muhammed ali in fights?

Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes, Leon Spinks, Ken Norton, and Joe Frazier.

What is three traits of joe Louis?

jab, right hand, never wasting punches.

Who was World heavywieght boxing champion in 1937?

Joe Louis beat champion James Braddock in June 1937 for the title.

Where is meadel dealer joe on fossil fighters?


What nicknames does Joe Warshaw go by?

Joe Warshaw goes by Joe Poe, J. Louis, and Joe Louis.

Where did joe Louis work?

Joe Louis in his childhood worked in the cotton fields.

What is Joe Louis's birthday?

Joe Louis was born on May 13, 1914.

When was Joe Louis Arena created?

Joe Louis Arena was created in 1979.

When was The Joe Louis Story created?

The Joe Louis Story was created in 1953.