What should a boxer eat?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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because it is a dog and a living animal and it needs to eat or it will starve and then die

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Q: What should a boxer eat?
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Can a boxer eat oatmeal?


Can boxer dogs eat lamb bone?

Boxer dogs. You better belive it.

What the best food to eat if you do boxing?

The best food to eat for a boxer is enough milk,fruits, plain bread enriched with food value. However, best food to eat should be determined by the Physical Trainer, according to the physique including body weight of the boxer. The chart should be maintained according to the time schedule, which is very important.

What can boxer dogs eat?


What can boxer puppies eat?

boxer puppies can eat puppy biscuits, but cannot drink milk. milk has a substance that can cause the puppy to diorreah

Who should get paid more promoter or boxer?

The boxer should receive 70% and the promoter 30%.

What kind of food do the boxer eat?


Can a boxer eat chocolate without dying?


What can a half pit and a half boxer have to eat?


How often does a boxer have pups?

a boxer should only have pupies twice every four months

Can boxer can eat cat food?

no give them actual dog food.

Should you wear boxers briefs boxer-briefs bikinis or thongs if you?

male...definately boxer briefs... =)