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Q: What responses can the water undertake not choose?
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What question is one for which the respondent must choose from a list of predetermined responses?

A multiple-choice question is one for which the respondent must choose from a list of predetermined responses.

What is a synonym for resolve?

determine, agree, figure, undertake, work out, fix, answer, decision, decide, choose, conclude

What are the responses of a flood?

rain and water

Why did I wish to undertake study of diploma in management studies?

We have no idea what made you choose management studies! You have to answer your own interview questions.

Would you choose a longer for this experiment to obtain more precise results?

No, I would just expect you to undertake the experiment with more care.

What is the past participle of undertake?

The past participle of "undertake" is "undertaken."

What is the meaning of undertook?

of Undertake, imp. of Undertake.

A sentence using the word undertake?

Example sentences for the verb undertake:We've won the contract to undertake the bridge repair.They promised to undertake an investigation into the matter.Will you undertake this mission?

Why did neil Armstrong decide to undertake the journey?

Actually N.A.S.A chose Neil Armstrong for the Apollo 11 mission. they choose all the astronauts and for which mission as well.

Why do people choose to live by water?

They choose to live by water because they can have water to drink from.

Responses that contain qualifiers like some and sometimes are good answers to choose because?

qualified statements are less likely to be false

What is the verb form of undertakings?

The verb of undertakings is undertake. As in "to undertake something".