What religion did Muhammad find?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Islam. He converted because it is the path for humanity. The true religion.

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Q: What religion did Muhammad find?
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What religion did Muhammad find in the 7th century?


What religion is based on the teachings of Muhammad?

Islam is the religion based on the teaching of Muhammad.

In what religion is Muhammad favoured?

The religion that Muhammad is favored is the Islamic religion. The Islamic religion regards Muhammad as its most important prophet, and pilgrims to sites he visited are important parts of the religion.

Which religion was developed by Muhammad in 602?

Muhammad did not develop any religion. He was a prophet of God, and he conveyed the religion of Islam.

How did they find Islam?

they didn't find the religion. Religion is not found its brought up but the prophet Muhammad was a messenger of god and ISLAM IS THE ONE TRUE RELIGION. so if are were you convert before judgement day is near.

Of what ethnicity and religion is Muhammad Yunus?

Muhammad Yunus Bangladeshi and a Moslem

What religion emerged in Arabia?

The religion revealed by Muhammad - Islam.

What is east Asia's religion?


What religion messenger is Muhammad?


Who were the prophets of the Muslim religion?


What started the Islamic religion?

Muhammad did.

What religion founded Muhammad?