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Asian Boy 2011 Lol Joke It's Mohhamed But They Have Lot's Of Imagination Because His Name Is Muhammed And He Called Him Mohhamed....... Lot's Of Difference You See??

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Q: What name did muhammads uncle give Muhammad?
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What was Askia Muhammad's mother name?

Muhammads mothers' name?

What is Muhammads second name?

Second name of Muhammad saw is Ahmad saw.

Is this the Prophet Muhammads first name Muhammad abd almuttaleb?

abd almuttalib was the Prophet Muhammad SAW grandfather.the prophets name was Muhammad bin (or son of) abdullah

What is Muhammad's oldest uncle's name?

Az-Zubair ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib

What was Muhammads mother called?

== == Her name is me...yay

What is the name of prophet's grandfather?

The Prophet Muhammad's uncle was Abu Talib. His father, and thus The Prophet's grandfather was Abdul Muttalib.

What is the name of lady who will be in hell with her husband told by Allah?

uncle of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon his name is (Abu Lahab) and his wife. written in sorat Al-masad.

Is prophet Muhammad's father Muslim?

Yes, he was Muslim. He died before birth of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Accordingly, Prophet Muhammad's father died before the prophesy of prophet Muhammad and before God revelation of Quran to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, his father was believing in God (Allah). His father name is Abdullah which is an Arabic name that means 'slave of Allah (God)'.

What name do Muslims give Mohammed?

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

Name the person who first give the idea of Pakistan?

Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Why do Muslims put pbuh after muhammads name?

It is an abbreviation to a greeting to prophet Muhammad that is: Peace (from Allah)Be Upon Him (prophet Muhammad).

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