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Q: What match was that when someone opened the undertakers urn?
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Who stole undertakers urn?

I did

How can you purchase the undertakers urn from WWE?

no you can not

Who controlled The Undertakers urn?

paul bearer

When did the undertakers urn come into play and what exactly does it do?

it soposadly controls the real undertaker

What is the jar called when you cremate someone?

An urn.

When The Ashes was invented?

The Ashes tournament was first opened in 1882. The urn specifically which the tournament name derives from is known as The Ashes Urn, and is reputed to contain the burned remains of a cricket ball.

Is undertaker afraid of urn?

no,he is not afraid of it if he was then he would keep it with him all time when he enters the match just like pual bearer did

Would urn water fountains compliment a stone patio?

Yes it would actually, Depending on what the urn water fountain would look like or if the colors would match. Because a urn water fountain of a loud colored ipod touch on a calm colored patio wouldn't make that much sense!

How many lobbies does it take to make a full urn in runescape?

Forty lobsters are required to fill a cooking urn, forty-four lobsters are required to fill a strong cooking urn, and sixty-five lobsters are required to fill a decorated cooking urn. Lobsters will fill 2.53% of the urn when used with a cooking urn, fill 2.29% of the urn when used with a strong cooking urn, and fill 1.55% of the urn when used with a decorated cooking urn. Lobsters cannot be used with a cracked cooking urn or a fragile cooking urn.

How were the ashes created?

well there is a famous match against Australia and England and they burnt the bat and from then they played for the ashes. The Ashes was born out of a match in 1882 when England played Australia at the Oval cricket ground in England. It was a close match but the Australian bowler F.R Spofforth made enough wickets to push ahead. Following the match a spoof obituary was published in the sporting times. It read," In Affectionate remembrance of English cricket which died at the Oval in 28th Aug. 1882. " A month later in Australia the English team was presented with an urn that supposedly contained the Ashes of English cricket!!!. From then on the urn became a trophy to reward the winner of the battle between England and Australia. No one is quite sure what is contained in the urn,but many think it holds the burned remains of a bail used in Melbourne test match. Today the original urn stays in England and when Australia wins they only get to take home a replica of the original trophy.

Where are the ashes kept in the MCG?

The ashes urn is not exactly kept in mcg but at the mcc cricket museum at lords.... along with the score card of the match in 1882

What is written on the ashes urn?

When Ivo goes back with the urn, the urn;Studds, Steel, Read and Tylecote return, return;The welkin will ring loud,The great crowd will feel proud,Seeing Barlow and Bates with the urn, the urn;And the rest coming home with the urn.