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Q: What martial arts does Steven segeall practice?
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Do the Japanese do martial arts?

There are Japanese martial arts. There are individuals that practice them. It would be a stereotype to think that all Japanese practice martial arts. The actual percentage is pretty small and probably is about the same as in the US.

Martial arts is a violent past time and children should not practice it.?

Martial arts is a violent past time and children should not practice it.

Was martial arts invented because of practice?

no martial arts was invented to protect yourself as well as your loved ones

Does Harry Styles know martial arts?

Harry Styles does not do martial arts, but does practice a military-style fitness regime.

What are some reasons that people practice martial arts?

There are many reasons that people practice martial arts, the reason vary from person to person. Suffice to say that a certain physical and mental well being, tends to be an outcome of the discipline required from most martial arts. It can be assumed that people who practice Martial Arts, to some degree or another, seek to better themselves physically or mentally.

Does Jet Li still practice martial arts?


Who broke his wrist when training with his martial arts instructor Steven Seagal?

Sean Connery

How can you practice martial arts?

There is no specific way to do it. To practice Martial Arts, you first need a good teacher, then passion, and, last of all, lots of hard work. It is not recommended to try and practice them at home as there is a 90% chance you will get hurt.

Are martial arts predominately a male sport?

True martial arts is not a sport. It is true that the majority of people that practice a martial art are male. However, there is a very large population of female martial artists.

Who started the practice of martial arts?

{| |- | The first person who won a fight. They passed down the technique to others. As more people fought, they learned more about what worked and what didn't. Eventually they became the martial arts we practice today. |}

Can you practice martial arts and jump program at the same time?

maybe yes

Can a person with seizures practice mixed martial arts?

A person can do whatever they want to.