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Q: What kyudo competitions are out there?
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When did Kyudo Nakagawa die?

Kyudo Nakagawa died on 2007-12-29.

When was Kyudo Nakagawa born?

Kyudo Nakagawa was born on 1927-02-12.

How old do you have to be to do Kyudo?

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What is Kyudo?

Kyudo translates into "Way of the bow". It is Japanese Archery. There are an estimated number of 500,000 students worldwide.

What martial arts does green arrow do?


What is yabusame?

Yabusame is an ancient Japanese horseback achery, also known as mounted kyudo.

What types of traditional Japanese sports are there?

Aikido, Ken-do, Judo, Sumo, Kyudo, Karate, Naginata are all traditional Japanese sports

What is a yumi?

A yumi is a kind of bow used by Japanese archers in the practices of kyudo and kyujutsu, two distinct forms of Japanese archery.

Where do you find competitions on Movie Star Planet?

to find competitions on moviestarplanet all you have to do is go to movietown then click competitions then your there

What content can be found on the Competitions Australia website?

Competitions-Australia is a website that has multiple listings to free competitions in various categories. You have to live in Australia and you must join the website to enter the competitions.

Which Olympic sport features mixed competitions?

The equestrian competitions are the only Olympic competitions in which men compete against women.

Why are there olyempics?

The Olympics are sports competitions. They are very popular competitions.