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Q: What kind of dog does kelly kelly have?
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What kind of dog is Kelly Osborne's tiny black dog?

Kelly Osbourne's dog is a pomeranian. That was her parents' 25th birthday present to her.

What is kelly kelly's dog called?

Her dog name is daisy i think is a caniche toy

What kind of phone does WWE kelly kelly have?

Kelly Kelly has an Phone

How was kelly kelly's first kiss?

what kind of question is this

What is Kelly Clarkson favorite animals?

Kelly Clarkson's Favorite Animal I Guess Is A Dog Or Any Animal.

What is Kelly Clarkson favorate dog?


What type of dog does kelly rowland have?

Yorkshire Terrier

Who said its a dog eats dog world and you are wearing milk bone shorts?

Kelly Allen

What kind of car does kelly rowland drive?

kelly rowland drive a black truck

Does Kelly Clarkson have a dog or a cat?

She has 10 dogs and a cat.

What kind of dog is Courage?

He is a made up kind of dog

What kind of dog did robbie burns have?

what kind of dog did Robert Burns have