What is true about muhammed?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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He is the main person and friend of our God Allah

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Q: What is true about muhammed?
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What has the author Muhammed written?

Muhammed. has written: 'Sayings of the prophet Muhammed'

What has the author Muhammed HEYKEL written?

Muhammed HEYKEL has written: 'Hazreti Muhammed Mustafa'

What is the birth name of Muhammed Lawal?

Muhammed Lawal's birth name is Adekunle Muhammed Lawal.

Who was true leader of Islam?

The true leader of Islam was prophet Muhammed pbuh. where he was the last prophet and the one who had the quran from God. He is the most beloved from Muslims all over the world.

Was Muhammed illiterate?

yes this is true god told him the message which was the quran and Muhammad asked people who wernt to write up the messages for him

What is muhammed religion?

Muhammed religion is islam. Muhammed was the one who founded islam, the second biggest religion in the world, behind christianity. Muslims follow the teachings of muhammed, and islam.

What actors and actresses appeared in Muhammed - 2004?

The cast of Muhammed - 2004 includes: Per Egil Aske as Doctor Sarah Gindel Jabang as Meena Muhammed Manjang as Muhammed

Muhammed later life?

muhammed was born in mecca he died

What is Muhammed's birthday?

Muhammed was born on April 26, 570.

When was Muhammed Taib born?

Muhammed Taib was born in 1939.

When was Muhammed Memić born?

Muhammed Memić was born in 1960.

When was A M Muhammed born?

A M Muhammed was born in 1958.