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Q: What is the restraining wrestling move called when you stand behind someone and put your arms under their arms and then lock your hands behind their neck?
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What do you call it when someone can't come near you by law?

A Restraining Order.

What is it called when you need to stay a certain distance away from someone?

A "Restraining Order."

Can you be called into court if you have a restraining order against someone?

You can be "called into court" or subpoened regardless of what orders you have.

Can someone file a restraining order to prevent someone from calling another adult in the same household who pays part of the bills and is a close personal friend who asks to be called?

yes but someone would need to move for a restraining order to work in this situation because when someone has a restraining order against them then they have to stay away from that person a certain distance

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Why is junior high wrestling called wrestling?

cus it iz amatuer wrestling

What are the wrestling pads called?

Wrestling is done on mats.

Can a town get a restraining order against a person?

In the common usage of the term where a party is restrained from contacting another party, no. However, sometimes injunctions are also called restraining orders. In that context, the municipality may be able to get an order restraining someone from doing something. For example, a person may be restrained from tearing down a building until the historical value of the building is investigated.

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