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Natalie Katherine Neidhart

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Q: What is the real name of WWE diva Natalya?
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What wrestler's name starts with N?

nash natalya is a wwe diva

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Does WWE diva natalya have a husband?

There are no reports to confirm or deny whether WWE diva Natalya born Natalie Katherine Neidhart has a boyfriend.

Who is the most powerful WWE diva?


Who is the most hot diva of WWE?


Who is the most beautiful WWE diva?


Who is the most popular diva in WWE?

100% natalya

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Who is Natalya Neidhart?

Jim Neidhart's daughter and the best woman in the world and the most beautiful peson and she is thebest wwe diva of all time natalya real name nattie wight 64kg high 5"5 feet

What is the real name of the wwe diva Maria?

Maria Kanellis.

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Does WWE diva Natalya have husband?

No, Natalya does not have a husband. But, she has been in a relationship with wrestler Tyson Kidd since November of 2001.