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In the UK, in a very short answer, a subsidiary undertaking would include entities other than companies. It's an accounting term essentially, used to ensure all subs of a parent company (and not just the companies) are caught in its consolidated accounts.

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Q: What is the difference between a company tagged as a subsidiary and a company tagged as a subsidiary undertaking?
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What is the difference between a subsidiary company and a holding company?


Difference between a subsidiary and a division?

The difference between a subsidiary and a division is how they operate. A subsidiary is a separate business owned by the main parent company. A division is a portion of the main business.

What is the difference between affiliates and subsidiary?

Affiliates are non associated independent dealers. Subsidiary is a divisional company owned by the parent company

Difference between a branch and a subsidiary?

a branch is part of the same legal entity. A subsidiary is a distinct legal entity, within a larger company structure.

Difference between subsidiary and a franchise?

Subsidiary and franchise each have several different meanings. In business, a subsidiary is a company that is totally under the control of another company. A franchise is a business that is operated with legal permission to sell or distribute a particular company's goods or services.

What is the difference between a division and subsidary?

A division is a part of a company (group, etc); a subsidiary is a separate but owned property (a different company, etc).

Difference between holding and subsidiary company?

The difference between a holding company and a subsidiary company is the amount of stock ownership. A holding company buys other companies to control their stock. The subsidiary company is the company that is owned or controlled by the holding company.

What is difference between related company and fellow subsidiary?

A related company is a company who has similar or the same management or key personnel i.e. they share the same directors etc.A fellow subsidiary is a company who shares the same Shareholders as another company i.e Holding Company A owns 100% shares in company A and company B. Company A & B are then Fellow Subsidiaries.

What is Differential between upstream and downstream inter-company transaction?

downstream from parent to subsidiary upstream from subsidiary to parent

What is the difference between a subsidiary and an associate?

All these terms refer to the degree of ownership that a parent company holds in another company. In most cases, the terms affiliate and associate are used synonymously to describe a company whose parent only possesses a minority stake in the ownership of the company. A subsidiary, on the other hand, is a company whose parent is a majority shareholder. Consequently, in a wholly owned subsidiary the parent company owns 100% of the subsidiary. For example, the Walt Disney Corporation owns about a 40% stake in the History Channel, an 80% stake in ESPN and a 100% interest in the Disney Channel. In this case, the History Channel is an affiliate company, ESPN is a subsidiary and the Disney Channel is a wholly owned subsidiary company.

What is difference between product model and make?

The MODEL will often be a Number that specifies what product of the creator it is and the MAKE is the Company or subsidiary that made it. -glad to help, Nick-

What is an ultimate parent company?

An ultimate parent company considered as a parent company of a subsidiary entity, and the subsidiary entity has its subsidiary entity.