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Q: What is the average hours of a fencing contractor?
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What is the average salary for a fencing contractor?

$1000 per hour

Where can one find fencing contractors?

There are many online sources for finding a fencing contractor, including Home Depot and many others. It is best to ask some questions of the contractor before signing any deals, including information about techniques, materials, and experience. A good contractor should be willing to answer these questions in detail.

What is the duration of The Contractor?

The duration of The Contractor is 1.63 hours.

Can an employee be a contractor for the same employer outside of his normal working hours?

It would be a rare employer that does not have rules against it. However, as a contractor, you can independently state your hours and how you do your work.

What is the average pay rate for a contractor?

too much

What is the average height in Fencing?

There is no average height for a fencer. Although, people who fence epee are generally tall.

What is average yearly salary of residential contractor?

Right around $62,000 is the national average

Is there a good fence contractor in Portland, Oregon?

There are good fence contractors in POrtland, oregon. If you use the white pages, just look under fencing or installation services and call the listings.

What is the average cost to replace an entryway door using a contractor?


What is the average cost per square foot to have a contractor build a deck in Iowa?

In Iowa, the average cost to have a contractor build a composite deck is $25.00 per square feet. The average cost to build a wood deck is $33.00 per square feet.

What is the average wage of a remodeling contractor?

Contractors are not paid a wage. They are paid by the job.

What is the average cost of minimum required insurance for residential contractor in Florida?

There are literally hundreds of different contractor classes. Without knowing what kind of contractor you are, ie; electrical, roofer, builder etc, there is no way of knowing what you might pay.