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the dragon

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Q: What is the animal that represents goju ryu?
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What is goju-ryu?

Its an Okinawan style of Karate.

Who is the Goju-Ryu karate founder?

Chojun Miyagi

What are the four major style of karate?

Wado ryu Shito ryu Goju ryu Shotokan Shotokan is a style of compression and is described as "harder" Goju is described as hard and soft, Shito is more about bodily movement. Wado I'm not so sure of.

Who is Chojun Miyagi?

Chojun Miyagi is the founder of Goju Ryu Karatedo

What are the major karate styles worldwide?

Okinawa Karate * Shorin Ryu * GoJu Ryu * Shito Ryu * Wado Ryu Korean Karate * Tang Soo Do * Tae Kwon Do * Hapkido Japanese Karate * Shotokan

Karate that starts with a G?

{| |- | That could be Goju Ryu. It is one of the original styles of karate. It came from Okinawa. |}

What is the best kata to do in a karate tournament goju Kai?

super rimpei. It is the highest goju ryu kata The one that you do the best! Technique, focus and power are more important than the specific kata you do.

Goju ryu vs shotokan ryu?

There should be no "VS" of which style is better in the martial arts. Any style has it's benefits. It's more of the person, their dedication and their discipline. There is no one style better than any other. Historically, Shotokan was created in the 1930's in Japan by modifying Shorin-Ryu karate. Both Shorin Ryu and Goju Ryu originated on Okinawa and evolved from combining the local wrestling and grappling with the striking of White Crane Kung Fu.

Which karate style is older Shorin Ryu or Goju Ryu?

It is pretty hard to say one is older that another considering they all have the same origins. They split out into separate styles during the last century. My reference shows that the first Goju break out started in 1937. Shorin Ryu shows a few years later in 1940. There are other sub-branches of both over the following few years.

What does karate teach?

Karate teaches self-defense, discipline, confidence, fitness, patience and respect. There are many styles of karate such as tang soo do, tae kwon do, shotokan, Shorin ryu, goju ryu and others.

What is the difference between shotokan karate and Goju ryu karate?

4th kyu in Meibukan Goju-ryu. The key to what separates Goju from numerous other styles of karate is in its name. "Goju" is made up of the Japanese words "go" (hard), and "ju" (soft), literally meaning hard-soft style karate. Hard refers to the straight/linear closed hand techniques. Soft refers to the more circular open hand techniques. The style is a combination of the two. I find it to have less kicking and more focus on "kata" (forms) than Shotokan. Shotokan was derived in Japan based on Shorin-ryu karate from Okinawa.

Miyagi was named for chogun miyagi who created karate-jutsu in okinawa a style also known as goju ryu in what movie did pat morita play kesuke miyagi?

The Karate Kid