What is stone colds finisher?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Lou chez press, Elbow drop, Stunner

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Stone cold stunner

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who killed garge washington

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Q: What is stone colds finisher?
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Who is finisher is stronger stone cold steave Austin or the rock?

Stone cold finisher is more stronger cause its more painful then the rock finisher

Is stone colds married?

No he is not married he is divorced

What are ALL of Stone Colds Moves?

There is a list on his wikipedia page.

What is stone colds job?

Presently he is an film and television actor.

Who is better The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin?

the rock is better by just 1 finisher :)

How do you unlock stone cold for smackdown vs raw 2010?

i don't think stone colds in there you can, however, go to and look at the stone cold caw and have fun!

What was stone colds last match in the WWE?

he fought against the rock and lost in wrestlemania 19 :D

What is stone colds code?

So far there is no code for Stone Cold. I just got the game so I think he has to be unlocked by a bonus in the Road to Wrestlemanias some how.

What is Eddie guerros finisher?

The 3 amigos 1st finisher Lasso from El Passo 2nd finisher Frog Splash 3rd finisher

What are stone cold Steve austins finisher and signature moves?

Finisher-Stone Cold StunnerSigniture Moves-Back body drop-Boston crab-Catapult-Clothesline-Leapfrog body guillotine-Pointed elbow drop-Sleeper hold-Spinebuster-Stomp to the opponent's groin-STF-Suplex-Superplex-Texas piledriver-Thesz press followed by multiple punches

What is kofi Kingston's finisher?

his finisher is trouble in paradise

What is HBK's finisher?

His finisher Move is called the Sweet Chin Music. He used it against a lot of people like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. It would be funny if Shawn Michael gave the Sweet Chin Music to Triple H because they Are friends.