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Someone who doesn't fit in with everyone else or has nothing in common with them.

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Q: What is meant by the simile like a ballerina among sumo wrestlers?
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What is a simile for speed?

You probably didn't mean simile but you meant synonym?Agility or velocity

What is meant by the simile like ugly on an ape?

It means to be all over someone

A figure of speech that uses a concept closely related to the thing actually meant?


What is a sentence using personification and simile I need this by 2/4/22. Thanks?

That question mark is not correct I meant to do a exclamation mark. Sorry

What does the word balloon describe in regards to ballet?

"Ballon" refers to the quality of a jump. Derived from the French word for "balloon", the term was meant to reflect the intended weightless appearance of a skilled ballerina's jump.

What is meant by country is a cradle of noble heroes simile form?

This simile suggests that a country is a place where courageous and honorable individuals are born and nurtured, just as a cradle is where a baby is cared for and protected. It conveys the idea that a nation's greatness is derived from the exceptional qualities of its people who contribute to its strength and prosperity.

How do you use the word sprightly in a sentence?

The girl was sprightly when she was on a sugar high.

What is meant be Brain Busters in the context of the World Wrestling Federation?

The Brain Busters are a paid or wrestlers that joined forces to work as a team in the context of the World Wrestling Federation. Their names are Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.

Is as cold as ice an idiom?

Yes, "as cold as ice" is an idiom that means extremely cold or emotionless. It is not meant to be taken literally.

In among the hidden book why was luke confused by the books that jen gave him?

he didnt understand what the books meant

Among which type of people did Islam begin?

Islam began and was taught among the closest people within Muhammad's (PBUH) circle; his family and closest friends.

What is the literary term for a word or phrase that describes one thing in terms of another and is not literally true?

A metaphor and simile compare one thing in terms of another, but they do have to be literally true. Metaphor and simile are poetic devices; they are poetic language. As such, they often exaggerate or make comparisons that are meant to show a connection that is poetic, but not the absolute truth. For example, saying, "She runs as fast as a cheetah" is a simile that describes her speed in relationship to a cheetah, but it is not literally true. Whereas, saying, "She is a cheetah" also makes a comparison describing her speed in relationship to a cheetah, but again it is not true.