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A lax conscience is a conscience that is either ignored or underemployed. An example would be if someone's racist or sexually permissive.

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Q: What is lax conscience andgive example?
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What are kinds of conscience?

What are the Kinds of Conscience? hardened lax perplexed

What is lax conscience?

Lax conscious is generally a Catholic term. A lax conscious is an erroneous one when it decides that a sinful act is permissible and not wrong.

What is an example of an true conscience?

Certain conscience is talking about your trust to someone or somebody.

How do you use the word lax in a sentence?

The class got away with murder because the teacher's discipline was lax. His muscles were lax in sleep.

What are the dangers of lax Conscience?

The danger of lax conscience is two-fold: it can lead to immoral behavior and an overall lack of personal responsibility. When a person does not have a strong sense of conscience or morality, they are more likely to make decisions and take actions which are unethical or morally wrong. Without a strong internal sense of right and wrong, people can easily become desensitized to the wrongness of their choices and begin to make choices which are harmful to themselves and others. For example, a person without a strong sense of conscience may not think twice before engaging in activities like stealing, cheating, lying, or even hurting others. Without a strong internal conscience, people can also be less likely to take personal responsibility for their actions. Without a sense of right and wrong, people may lack the motivation to take ownership of their mistakes or to make amends. They may be less likely to make efforts to rectify any wrongs they may have done, leading to an overall sense of apathy and lack of accountability. In addition, people with a lax conscience may be more susceptible to the influence of others and more likely to give in to peer pressure and groupthink. Without a strong internal sense of morality, they may not feel the need to think for themselves or to stand up for their beliefs in the face of pressure from others. Overall, lax conscience can be dangerous in both short-term and long-term consequences. It can lead to immoral behavior, an overall lack of personal responsibility, and susceptibility to the influence of others. It is important for individuals to be aware of their own moral code and to take ownership of their choices and actions.

Functions of conscience?

The function of the conscience is to signal your brain when something is wrong. For example, if you are contemplating stealing a candy bar, your conscience should be telling you this is wrong.

What happened if you lost or your ration book got stolen?

You could get a replacement, but you were quizzed in detail about the incident. It was serious, rather like losing a passport.

What is an example sentence with the word conscience?

A conscience helps us decide right from wrong.Scientists believe some people have no conscience.Sometimes, what is moral and ethical is hard to know even with using a conscience.

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What are the dimensions of conscience?

subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience

What is the example of antecedent conscience?

Antecedent conscience occurs when judgment is placed before an act is committed. An example of this would be the conscience saying this is wrong, don't do it as a person is about to commit a crime.

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