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Giant González :-

- Real Height : 7'7"* (231 C.M.*).

- Billed Height : 8'0"* (246 C.M.).

- ' ' Weight : 460 L.B.S.* (210 K.G.).

- Born in January 31st 1966C El Colorado, Formosa, Argentina.

- Died in September 22nd 2010 San Martín, Chaco, Argentina.

- Debut in Wrestling : May 19th 1990.

- Retired in February 8th 1995.

Early Life in Basketball :

González stood 2.29 m (7 ft 6 in),[1][6] making him the tallest Argentine basketball player in history.[6][8] He started his career with the youths of Hindú Club de Resistencia at the age of 16 (and already 2.15 m (7 ft 1 in) tall).[6] Subsequently, León Najnudel, then coach of the Argentine national team, recommended the board of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata to sign the player for the team's Argentine second division roster.[6] During 1986, González helped Gimnasia achieve promotion to the Argentine first division.[6] The player then signed for Sport Club Cañadense, but saw little action due to an injury that left him out of the fields for 9 months.[6]

In 1988, González was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in the third round of the NBA Draft, after the American team bought the player's rights from his Argentine team for a 30,000 Argentine australes fee.[1][6] However, he was unable to adapt to the physical demands of NBA basketball, partly due to a serious knee injury.

*7'7" ==> Seven feet, Seven Inches.

*8'0" ==> Eight Feet.

*C.M ==> Centimeters.

*K.G. ==> Kilogram.

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  • Height - 7 ft 8Billed height - 8 ft 2 in
  • Billed weight - 403 lb
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He was a legit seven feet seven inches tall.

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Q: What is giant gonzalez' actual height?
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