What is dual match wrestling?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I'll assume we're talking high school type Wrestling. If so, dual match is where your school goes up against two schools in one night/at one time. Another school is your "partner" that your school is supposed to be working with, but the points in which your schools earn are counted seperately and you're technically not even working together. You've just been grouped together.

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"Dual match" tennis is played at the collegiate level under Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) rules, with variations between collegiate sections (i.e., PAC, SEC, etc) and divisions (i.e., I, II, etc). Basically, two colleges in the same section and division play at one of the two colleges (the full schedule is pre-determined by the heads of each section before the season begins) in both singles and doubles competition, with all the matches held simultaneously, or one after the other (i.e., singles then doubles, or vice-versa), usually on the same day or within two days to accomodate schools that had to travel far.

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Q: What is dual match wrestling?
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