What is armwrestling?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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The starting position for an arm Wrestling match.

Various factors can play a part in one's success in arm wrestling. Technique and overall arm strength are the two greatest contributing factors to winning an arm wrestling match. Other factors such as the length of an arm wrestler's arm, his/her muscle and arm mass/density, hand grip size, wrist endurance and flexibility, as well as countless other traits, can add to the advantages of one arm wrestler over another. In competitive arm wrestling, as sanctioned by the American Armsport Association (AAA), arm wrestling is performed with both competitors standing up with their arms placed on a tournament arm wrestling table. Arm wrestling tournaments are also divided into weight classes as well as left and right handed divisions. Furthermore, strict rules such as fouls given to penalties (such as the competitor's elbow leaving a matted area where the elbow is to remain at all times or a false start), and trying to escape a possible arm pin by breaking the grip with the opponent may result in a loss at the table. Paraphrasing American Armsport Association(AAA), "Arm wrestlers must straighten their wrists without a time lapse of one minute during competition."[1] The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is the universally recognized global governing body of Amateur Arm wrestling and comprises more than 85 member countries. Some noted top arm wrestling competitors include John Brzenk (hailed as the greatest arm wrestler in recent times)[2], Travis Bagent, Ron Bath, Michael Selearis, Alexey Voevoda, and Marcio Barboza. John Brzenk is known mostly for his array of techniques which change almost every time he is engaged in competition, even with the same opponent within the same match. As of Fall 2006, John Brzenk is ranked #1 in North America, and arguably, considered the best arm wrestler in the world (though he will lose a number of matches throughout the season to top competitors). Ron Bath is known for his use of the Top Roll technique which emphasizes a 'roll' of the wrist as he brings the opponent's wrist down. Travis Bagent, like Brzenk, is known for his wide array of techniques, coupled with his massive strength and explosive style. Many of Bagent's matches have ended in seconds. However, Bagent is most well known for his colorful remarks and rather rude comments against his opponents. Bagent is considered the best left handed arm wrestler in the world and is currently ranked second overall in North America, as of Fall of 2006. Other competitors such as Matt Girdner, Michael Selearis, Hermann Brumm, Marcio Barboza and Christian Binnie, are known for their reliance on strength, coupled with the hook technique, where the wrist turns into a hooked grip after the referee has started the match. "The Hook" or "Hooking" is a generic term used to describe any move derived from the inside system of arm wrestling the second generic system or style of Arm wrestling is known as outside arm wrestling "the Top Roll" or "Top Rolling", whilst the "Tricep Press", "Shoulder Pressing" or Shoulder Rolling" is often described as the third generic system or style of arm wrestling. Many arm wrestlers will have a signature style or favorite technique, whilst others have enjoyed success by becoming extremely well rounded. Within each of the three broad technical systems of arm wrestling there are numerous clearly identifiable techniques which have been developed and enhanced over time. Great Britain's most successful arm wrestler and former two time European and World Middleweight Champion Neil Pickup is one of todays leading arm wrestlers widely recognized as having originated and developed techniques to suit the genetic make up of individual arm wrestlers. Pickup has enjoyed an Amateur and Professional career spanning more than 20 years during which time he has won more than 60 International titles across 5 different weight classes on both his right and left arms, whilst also training numerous World Champions both male and female. This success has been largely attributed to his technical prowess, experience and understanding of this exciting combat strength sport in which the athletes whole body must be utilized effectively as a lever. Traditional weight training is often used by arm wrestlers. Exercises like the Metal Rod Exercises can be used to develop strength and muscular endurance in the grip and arms and also to develop core stability which helps anchor the body during competition and to help in the transfer of physical power and force. Contrary to what many believe, having big biceps is not very important in arm wrestling. In descending order of importance, the most important muscles are fingers and hands, wrist and forearm (very close behind), and biceps.

Typical Fracture

Arm wrestling puts enormous torque/twist on the upper arm's humerus bone to a degree seen in few other physical activities. Most people's bones are not accustomed to being significantly stressed in this direction, and injuries can occur surprisingly easily. The arm typically fails because of a diagonal break at or below the midpoint between the shoulder and the elbow. The natural tendency of an inexperienced arm wrestler is to push the hand, wrist, and shoulder in the same coordinated direction, against the force being applied by the opponent. This is how we throw a baseball or hit a tennis ball. However, turning one's shoulder this way simply adds to the torque already being applied to the humerus by the opponent. US Arm Sports advises of the danger of "letting your shoulder get inside your hand." It is better to pivot your shoulders so that you never look away from your hand.

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Q: What is armwrestling?
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