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A Boxer wearing boxing gloves.

(also, kickboxers)

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Q: What is a person who wears gloves and fights?
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Which person wears a mask and gloves while working?

A surgeon

What pattern is on the gloves Rosalie wears in the kitchen?

The gloves that Rosalie wears in the kitchen have a floral pattern.

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Who wears gloves on soccer team?

The goalie

Can men wear long leather gloves in public?

Yes be like my dad he wears gloves like that

A man who wear gloves and fights?

Boxer, prize fighter, pugilist.

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Mark Calaway, also-known-as The Undertaker, wears Primetime MMA gloves (Model: PT900 Stopper Gloves). He wears both open and closed palm. I too use these gloves and they are great. They are about $50 USD per pair. You can order them at

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Floyd Mayweather wears Grant boxing gloves.

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Why does it even matter dude? (But, he wears blue gloves at home and white ones away.)

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