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The Time Is Now

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Q: What is a good rap wrestling theme?
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Which was the wrestling theme which group sang rolling?

Which was the wrestling theme which group sang rolling? that was undertakers theme tune and it is by 'Biscitz'

The theme of the Mouse Rap?


What is a good theme song for your backyard wrestling show XWA Voltage?

you could use metallicas entersandman or allnightmarelong

When was the Raw Theme song first released?

The Raw Theme song was first released in 1984. It was released, because Wrestling was a very popular sport at the time so the Raw Theme song was created for Wrestling.

Why do rap artist rap?

they are good at it

Where can you find Kurt Angel's wrestling theme from TNA?


Where can you download the world championship wrestling first theme?

Who is Zack tempest?

He did a wrestling entrance theme for Jeff Hardy

Where can you find a really good version of the Rock's bad guy theme where they mixed it kinda like a rap beat? is a great site for downloading themes. The Rocks music you are after should be call the rock 1st theme or the rock 2nd theme.

What is a good wrestling academy for wrestling?

The collage for wrestling in Florida.

Which artist sings Wrath's wrestling theme music?

Walk by Pantera

Who sings the nexus theme tune in wrestling?

We Are One by 12 Stones