What is a dobok?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What is a dobok?
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What is the white uniform that Tae Kwon Do competitor wear?


Were can you get a Tae Kwon Do dobok with WTF logo in large print on the back?

There are many Martial Art supply companies that sell "WTF approved" v-neck style dobok, and you can buy a WTF patch to put on the chest. However, the WTF logo is a trademarked logo that can not be duplicated without the permission of the WTF (which you will not likely get permission to use in such a way). Large screened logos on the back of the dobok are usually a creation of a particular organization or individual school, and most companies that sell uniforms will not infringe upon any trademark logos. The only way to get a dobok with such a logo in large print on the back is if the WTF is selling them, or you make one yourself - - in which case it would probably be frowned upon if worn at any major event, and even banned at a WTF event.

Is a kimono worn in a Tae Kwon Do match?

No, a kimono is the traditional Japanese clothing. In Japanese Martial Art the practice uniform is called a "gi." The uniform in Taekwondo is referred to as a dobok (도복).

What is a Tae Kwon Do uniform called in Korean?

The Korean term for a Taekwondo uniform is a "Dobok" (도복).The belt is called a "ddi" (띠). (sometimes translated as "di," "dee," "dhee" or "tti")

What does it mean when your Tae Kwon Do instructor writes in Korean on your dobok?

When our instructor wrote on our doboks (uniforms) in Korean, he was writing our names. I think it helped him learn our names, and it certainly helped our Korean master refer to us by name during our belt test.

Does Hwoarang really do Tae Kwon Do?

Hwoarang is a fictional Korean character in the Tekken game series. The game character's martial art movements are based on the Taekwon-Do as taught in the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) with variations for the purpose of the game. The pattern of pre-arranged movements he performs was taken from ITF TUL (ITF Pattern). The techniques were also taken from ITF. The motion capture was performed by Taekwon-Do ITF practitioner name Hwang Su Il (a member of JITF/Japan International Taekwon-Do Federation). The dobok (uniform) is also based on ITF dobok with several modification to suit the game. (see related link below)

What does the Tae Kwon Do uniform stand for?

The taekwondo uniform is very much like the uniforms worn by martial artists studying karate or judo. The most unique thing about the taekwondo uniform is the V-neck. The jacket pulls over the top rather than wrapping around the chest. People do not usually wear shoes while doing taekwondo. When sparring, people wear specially designed guards over their head, chest, arms, hands, shins, feet, groin and mouth. The guard that people wear to protect themselves is called a hogo.

What to wear to a Taekwondo class?

It is up to the Sr. Instructor or Master of the dojang to approve any attire for a Taekwondo class. Typically a student wears an all white dobok (training uniform). A specific brand and style of dobok (v-neck or cross lapel) with unique patches, screened logos, or material might be required so a purchase should be made through the Instructor or by approval. Prior to purchasing a uniform, some Instructors will allow students to wear casual workout clothes such as shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt. The student should keep in mind that classroom activities included stretching and kicking, so the clothing should not be too tight or restrictive to movement or blood flow, and not too revealing. Most instructors will not permit clothing with images or wording that are rude, vulgar, offensive, or do not reflect the positive attitude and philosophy of the Martial Art. It is best to check with the Instructor first.

Which uniform should you use for taekwondo?

You should use the uniform that is recommended by your Instructor, or required by the parent association, if your Taekwondo school is a member of a national or international Federation. Some schools use the traditional, light or medium weight 'cross-lapel' (similar to a Karate gi), while others use a V-neck top. The Taekwondo uniform is called a "Dobok" in Korean terms, but there are many manufacture brands made with a variety of materials (100% cotton, or a cotton/polyester blend), and include several different colors from which to choose. Most standard Taekwondo Dobok are all white, with any black trim (such as the collar or pant leg), being reserved for Black Belts or Masters. Some competition uniforms, particularly those approved for Olympic Taekwondo as governed by the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) might be of specific design and colors designated for male, female, children, and differing for forms or sparring competition. Students should always check with their own instructor to find out which uniform is approved at your school.

What are the differences in the colour of collars of Tae Kwon Do dobok?

The purpose and meaning of different color of collars on Taekwondo dobok (uniforms) will vary depending on the school, Kwan (family of schools), or organization. For the most basic difference, according to the standards of the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea), the dobok (도복) should be all white for geup students (color belt grades), and a black collar for all Black Belts 1st Dan and above. The half red/half black collar and belt are used for the student who reaches the Black Belt level while under the age of 15. Only an adult, 15 and older is considered a "Dan" (pronounced "dahn" or "Don"), and Junior Black Belt is called a Poom. There are four levels of the Poom that may be transferred to Dan when appropriate age is reached. In some organizations outside of Korea, Black Belts retain the white collar, and the black collar trim is only used for a school owner, or chief instructor. Prior to that, Assistant instructors might have black trim around the base of the jacket, or thin red trim around the collar. In many Taekwondo organizations, a stripe down the pant leg is worn only by a Master (often 4th Dan or higher). Since uniforms of a wide variety of color and trim can be ordered by school owners from numerous available suppliers, independent schools and instructors might elect to use colored collar trim at any stage, including colors matching the belt color at the geup level (e.g.: yellow, green, purple, blue, etc.).

What is the Korean languages in Tae Kwon Do?

In Tae Kwon Do, Korean language is commonly used for commands and terminology. Some common Korean words and phrases used in Tae Kwon Do include "dojang" (training hall), "dobok" (uniform), "kyorugi" (sparring), and "baro" (return to starting position). Learning these Korean terms is an important part of training in Tae Kwon Do.

Equipment of Tae Kwon Do?

The equipment o Taekwondo can be categorized in different classifications. For example, you have sparring equipment, training equipment, training essentials, etc. Assuming you are questioning the equipment worn when sparring in Taekwondo: Each competitor wears a dobok (uniform) and belt Headgear Mouthguard Hogu (Chest Protector) Hand/Forearm protectors Groin cup Shin/instep (foot) protection In many competitions today, there are "electronic scoring" systems (electronic sensors in the hogu and protectors) signal when a point is scored. Hope this helps answer your question!