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It is called I'd do anything. Its a production track he takes credit for.

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Q: What is Wwe's Shannon Moore theme song?
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What's Shannon Moore's theme song for 2008?

I'll do anything by Shannon Moore

What is shannon moore's theme song?

I'll Do ANything

What is shannon moore's tna theme?

He has an TNA theme song but it is just a beat there are no lyrics or a title

Who song wwes randy ortans theme song?

Rev Theory

Where can you get shannon Moore's theme song?

Where can you find Shanoon's Moore Theme Song? OMG....if you cannot find it!!! go to YouTube and search ''Shanoon's Moore Entrance Theme'' and you can find the official video of Shanoon Moore and you can also find the lyrics of that and you can sing along(Karaoke)!!!!

What is Shannon Moore's Entrance theme?

his entrance song is called ill do anything by peroxwhy?gen

Who sings Shannon Moores's song?

Shannon Moore. He sings the song himself

What band does shannon Moore's song?

on his site which is under construction right now he takes credit for his theme music. The song is called I'd do anything. If you meant his TNA music that song is "Chicken Huntin" by the Insane Clown Posse.

What is the name of wwes mvps entrance song?

im coming

Who wrote the song between the moon and New York City?

Christopher Cross. The song is called "Arthur's Theme." It's the theme song from the movie "Arthur" with Dudley Moore.

Who sings Mary tyler more theme?

The singer of The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song is/was, Paul Williams.

Where can you find shanon Moore's WWE theme song on i tunes?

just put- (ill do anything)