What is Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Short Answer: A Taekwondo Grandmaster is a teacher of the Masters in a Taekwondo organization.

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The English term "Grandmaster" is basically the equivalent of the Korean term "Kwanjang" which means the head of an organization, like the dean of a university. In the Korean language, the suffix "nim" is added to titles to create an honorific form used when a junior is speaking to, or about a senior. Thus, the term is commonly spoken as "Kwanjangnim" (pronounced: Kwahn jahng nim)

In the years just before Taekwondo was named, there was one officially recognized Kwan (school) of Martial Art run in Korea by a Korean. College Professor Won Kuk Lee (also written as Yi, Won Kuk) obtained permission from the occupying government of Japan to open what he called the Chung Do Kwan (school of the Blue Wave) were he taught a unique method based on his life long study of the Korean version of Chinese hand fighting he called Tang Soo Do (also written as tangsudo), and Japanese Shotokan Karate which he learned from famed Karate Master Gichen Funakoshi, and some influence from the Korean kicking method of Tae kyon.

After the liberation of Korea in 1945, many students of the Chung Do Kwan opened Annex schools under various names. The head instructor of an individual school is typically known as a sabeom (honorific "sabeomnim") which means teacher, or Master. Each of the Masters have their original teacher that they learn from, and that person is known as the Kwanjangnim, or teacher of the Masters.

In modern times, any high ranking Dan (adult Black Belt) might choose to sever connections with his or her original teacher, and form their own organization, or do so with the permission of their Grandmaster, thus becoming a Grandmaster in their own right. Many modern organizations grant titles of Masters to 4th or 5th Degree Black Belts (adults only) while others reserve that title for 6th degree and above. Some use different titles for each level of Master including Associate Master, Senior Master, Chief Master, and even Professor. Usually, the title of Grandmaster is reserved for 8th or 9th Dan, and must be conferred upon the candidate by an established, and recognized 9th Degree Grandmaster. Some organizations go by the philosophy that there is only one Grandmaster within an organization, and that is the one highest ranking Master, usually a 9th Dan.

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a grandmaster in Tae Kwon-Do is somebody who has achieved the rank of 9th Dan (degree). they then receive the rank of Grandmaster

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Q: What is Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster?
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