What is HIAC?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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HIAC=Hell in A Cell (cage used in WWE Wrestling events)==HIAC==High Accuracy==As neither of these has anything to do with the category you placed the question in, are you asking about HVAC? HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning.=

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HIAC=Hell in A Cell (cage used in WWE wrestling events)==HIAC==High Accuracy==As neither of these has anything to do with the category you placed the question in, are you asking about HVAC? HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning.=

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Q: What is HIAC?
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Was sheamus world heavyweight champion?

Yes, but recently lost it to Big Show at HIAC PPV

Will the undertaker ever wrestle in a hell in a cell match again?

It is unknown whether `Taker will wrestle HIAC again. These matches are usually used in high profile matches such as The McMahons or World Title Matches. As the McMahons are on currently on RAW and `Taker is fighting for the US Title, it is unlikely that he will appear in a HIAC again. Although this is calculated guessing and is not to be taken, as anything can happen in the business.

Will undertaker beat cm punk at hell in a cell?

yes the undertaker will win at hiac in 10:26 seconds and will have a short title reign most likely

Did dx break Cody's neck at hiac?

Yeah they did because i checked it onwikipedia and they said that he suffered a minor neck injury in mid-june '09 and since hhh got him in the neck he aggravated the injury therefore breaking his neck.

What were the matches for WWE hell in a cell 2009?

Okay so the matches were , Hell in a cell match for wwe championship : John Cena vs Randy Orton HIAC Match for the World heavyweight championship : Undertaker vs Cm Punk HIAC Match : DX Vs Legacy Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship :Kofi Kingston vs The Miz vs Jack Swagger Intercontinental Championship Match : John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler Unified Tag Team Championship : Chris Jericho & Big Show vs Batista & Rey Mysterio and Finally A Divas Championship match : Alicia Fox vs Mickie James I didnt give results incase you wanted a surprise when you watched it , so if you wanted them sorry =/ xx

What are some seven letter words with 2nd letter H and 3rd letter I and 4th letter A and 5th letter C?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 1 words with the pattern -HIAC--. That is, seven letter words with 2nd letter H and 3rd letter I and 4th letter A and 5th letter C. In alphabetical order, they are: chiacks

What are your predictions for WWE Hell in a Cell?

WWE Championship - Hell in a Cell Match:Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena World Heavyweight Championship - Hell in a Cell Match: Undertaker (c) vs. CM Punk or CM Punk (c) vs. UndertakerTag Team Hell in a Cell Match:D-Generation X vs. Legacy (Rhodes & DiBiase)Intercontinental Championship:John Morrison (c) vs. Dolph ZigglerECW Championship Extreme Rules Hell in a Cell Match:William Regal (c) vs. Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Vladimir KozlovI doubt we'll get more than 2 HIAC matches at this PPV, but these are possible matches for the PPV, but I think Legacy/DX will end at Breaking Point, then DX feuds with Jericho & Big Show for the Unified Tag Titles, but we'll see how Breaking Point ends up leading to HIAC.

Is HBK Shawn Michaels the best wrestler ever or at least the most resistant?

Yes, Shawn is hands down the greatest "In ring performer" in the history of the business. No one has more Five Star matches/Matches of the year than Shawn. i.e. WM21 Kurt Angle HIAC The Undertaker WM12 Bret Hart WM14 Stone Cold. WM10 Razor Ramon WM24 Flair WM25 Undertaker WM20 Benoit Triple H. You name it. First man ever to win every major title (grand slam winner). Why do you think Shawn was in the first Iron Man Match, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, etc. P.S. Stone Cold did NOT out perform Shawn at WM14. Shawn wrestled Austin with two slipped discs in his back and still pulled off a show. And for God sakes, he did a 'Kip Up" with a broke back. The Greatest! But it is always opinionated. The reason you hear names like Austin & The Rock is because of charisma. Shawn didnt have as much charisma as Rock & Austin but performance wise, Shawn is in a class of his own.Hulk Hogan on HBK in an interview after their tag team match:"Shawn Michaels, you my friend are the greatest of all time" (2005)Undertaker on HBK:"In my opinion, you may be the greatest to ever step in this ring, I'll give you that." (2010)Ric Flair on HBK: (2008)"Shawn Michaels, you my friend are the greatest of all-time."(2003)"You Were the best wrestler alive"Chris Jericho:"To me, Shawn Michaels is the total package, the greatest of all time."Billy Gunn on HBK:"No questions, Shawn Michaels is the best."Triple H on HBK:"Who's the best I've ever been in the ring with, Shawn Michaels, hands down."Jim Ross on HBK:The greatest wrestlers which I've been priveleged to see, two names, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels.Vince McMahon on HBK:"In the ring, when it comes to the greatest as far as I'm concerned, Shawn doesn't have any peers."Kurt Angle on HBK:"Shawn Michaels is the best wrestler I've ever been in the ring with."My top Ten of All-time: (Reason Why/biggest strength)1. Shawn Michaels (Total Package, (Promos, In Ring Perf., Pioneering, Charisma)2. Ric Flair (Pioneering, Promos and Charisma) (Interchangeable with Michaels)3. The Rock (Best Entertainer, Great In-Ring Ability, Great Charisma)4. Bret Hart (Best Technical Wrestler)5. The Undertaker (Most Dominant/Undefeated at Wrestlemania)6. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Charisma, Business Direction Influence)7. Triple H (Title Reigns & In-Ring Dominance)8. Goldberg (Longest Streak in history 175-0, Second Most Dominant in History)9. Kurt Angle (Best 'Wrestler')10. Hulk Hogan (Pioneering, Tied with The Rock for Charisma, #10 only because he has no in-ring ability (That's whats its all about, not showboating)Honorable Mentions:StingAndre The GiantLou TheszMacho Man Randy SavageUltimate WarriorAnswerhe used to be the most best entertainert until stone cold came bnut he is indeed up there. of course hes not as good as hlk hogan.. AnswerI think HBK is the best ENTERTAINER of all time.But not the best wrestler ever. Andre The Giant is the best wrestler ever. AnswerHe is one of the greatest. He was THE best until wrestlemania 14 when stone cold became the first to outperform him in a big match situation. AnswerShawn Michaels was not outperformed. He had a broken back and still put on a better show than 99% of wrestlers out today. AnswerI can't tell if he is the best ever but i can tell that in my opinion Chris Benoit is the most resistant Answer">AnswerNo, the best and most resistant wrestler is the Undertaker Answerthe best ever was hbk he,Austin and taker were the guys that actually made wwe wot it is today....they wrestled in front of just 4,535 people at wrestle mania 13 imagane wot the normal shows were like...hogan did not mske the wwe a world wide phenoma AnswerHello People this is my opinion of the top ten greatest wrestlers of all time:D:);) 10. John Cena9.Batista.8.Mankind(Cactus Jack,Dude Love & Mick Foley)7.Undertaker6.Shawn Michaels5.Triple H4.Bret Hart3.Stone Cold2.The Rock1.Hulk HoganToday I think it should be -1. Batista2. John Cena3. Shawn Michaels4. Triple H5. Undertaker6. The Rock7. Ric Flair8. Bret Hart9. Kane10. GoldbergAnswerBeing a diehard fan for 25 years and having seen hundreds of guys come and go (20 years with which HBK's been around), yes, without question, Shawn is the best. Period. Mic skills. Charisma. Showmanship. Wrestling ability. He's been through the Hogan era of the 80's, the near collapse of the WWF of the mid-90's, the attitude era, and the present and has always been a main eventer (except for the Hogan era, he was a Rocker) with the the SAME COMPANY.. He is the only big name aside from UT that didn't jump to WCW in the 90's. He's one of the few that if he's on the card you'll get your money's worth. He's a great heel. He's a great face. There's nothing he hasn't done in this business and there's still nothing he can't do in my opinion. Guys that are main eventers now and even main eventers that have come and gone name HBK as their main influence... and he's still on the ACTIVE ROSTER!! It's not about the number of chamionships, he "only" has 4, no one brings it like the SHOW STOPPER! My .02AnswerYes it's true. As the person above says. Shawn Michaels is without question the greatest ever wrestler. End of. I have been a wrestling fan for 20 years. No ones had better mic skills (Watch old youtube examples if you haven't seen Particularly look at the dx period and before then) No one had better charisma. And in terms of actual wrestling ability to sell, speed strength, the look, voice, the humour, athleticism (This guy was like super man particularly before his back injury and even after to perform at the level is just special). the ability to tell a story and bring his real life issues into the story was fascinating for fans too. fantasy mixed with some reality always with HBK. There has been been no one better and I'll be surprised if it can be matched. I hope someone else can pull all that together but it will take something special plus the passion he has for wrestling to have a chance. I'm not saying this just because I like HBK. If you look and compare he is not really comparable to others. The best at what he does. Respect by his peers in terms of ability more than any other. Who have HBK, Stone cold, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho all had there best match with, plus many others. It's no coincidence it's the showstoper. , Simple. Like Jordan, Micheal Jackson. HBK is every bit as inspirational in professionals wrestling. Thanks HBK, The Main Event ,The Icon for the excitement, the entertainment, the humor, the amazing charisma, the inspiration, the amazing feats of athleticism. I am truly sad I will not see more of this in this in the future.P.S. The moment he kicked Marty Jannety through the Barber shop window was one of the most captivating wrestling moments for me ever and like the birth of this character called HBK. I'll never forget that moment.