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if you rock like me

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Are you ready for a good time

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Q: What is Friday Night Smackdown's theme song?
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Who sings smackdowns theme song?

Smackdowns themeSmackdowns Theme Is Sung By: Drowning Pool - Rise UpIt use to be but not anymore

What is the new theme song for Friday Night Smackdown?

know your enemy by green day let it roll by divide the day

Who is the band that sings Friday Night?

McFly sung a song called Friday Night

What is the theme song to the TV show Up All Night?

"Up All Night" theme song artist is unknown at this time (October 2012)

What does last Friday night mean by Katy perry?

Last friday night she had a party and the song explains what happened at the party

In ABBA song dancing queen what night are they out when the lights are low?

Friday. "Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for the place to go"

Who the song in the Friday night lights 2009 commercial?

The song is "Walls" by Rocket Summer.

Is last Friday night by Katy Perry or kesha?

Katy Perry- Last Friday Night is very much sung by Katy Perry

What was Lance Storm's theme song in the WWF?

Lance Storm's theme song in the WWF/WWE was "Party All Night".

Is last Friday night a movie or just a song?

I'm pretty sure it is just a song.

What is the song from Friday night lights when dallas carter came uout of the tunnel in the championship game?

The TV drama "Friday Night Lights" revolves around the story of a football team from (fictional) Dillon Texas. The show's theme song is "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the Sky.

What song dose tranmere rovers walk out to?

Tranmere Rovers walk out to the theme from "The Rockford Files", believed to originate from them regularly playing on a Friday night around the time when the show was on mainstream television